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Sex on the Beach: How to prepare this cocktail at home

A refreshing and provocative cocktail made from vodka. Ideal for your summer evenings


  • Cocktail shaker (optional)


  • 45 ml of vodka

  • 15 ml of peach liqueur

  • 45 ml orange juice

  • 45 ml cranberry juice

  • ice cubes


Pour the ice cubes into your cocktail shaker, or directly into the glass.

Add the vodka, peach liqueur and orange juice.

Mix well and pour the contents into a tulip type glass.

Pour in the cranberry juice. To create a color gradient, be sure to pour the juice gently, if possible against the side of the glass so that it does not mix with the other ingredients.

Decorate your Sex on the Beach with half an orange slice and a cherry.

Variants for your Sex on the Beach

Pineapple juice

Substitute pineapple juice for orange juice for a twist on traditional Sex on the Beach.

The more daring use the two types of juice in different proportions to obtain a cocktail of unique characteristics.

Caribbean variant

I'm a huge fan of this version of Sex on the Beach. Replace the vodka with rum, whether white or amber, for a cocktail that is slightly milder and with exotic aromas.

Who created the Sex on the Beach cocktail?

Like most internationally recognized cocktails, the true story of the origin of Sex on the Beach remains a mystery. Among the various versions of this story, the one that is most likely dates from around 1987. Yes, a relatively recent cocktail.

We are therefore in Florida (in the United States), at a time when peach liqueur (peach schnapps) was starting to become extremely popular. During a cocktail competition, the bartender at Bar Confetti's surprised everyone by combining this liqueur with vodka and several types of fruit juices.

The new beverage was an immediate success, and many customers were interested in the name of the cocktail. The bartender, who hadn't always thought of that, was inspired by what many tourists were looking for on the Florida coast: sex and the beach. And there you have it, that's how, a priori, the Sex on the Beach cocktail was designed.

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